What does a child welfare worker need to be effective and efficient in the context of war?

Ensuring child welfare in a humanitarian crisis is a priority for international and domestic organizations. Against the backdrop of unforeseen crises, conflicts and natural disasters, as well as in relation to the war in Ukraine, child welfare is a priority for a number of professionals.

We invite you to take a new course on the BeProfi online training platform – “Minimal Standards for Child Welfare in Humanitarian Action”.

The online course takes an in-depth look at the specifics of humanitarian crises and their impact on children and the available knowledge from the experience of child protection professionals around the world, providing participants with a deep understanding of the context in which they work and providing practical tools necessary to implement minimum child protection standards in humanitarian projects. The course content is developed in accordance with the latest international standards and recommendations.

What competencies will you develop during the course?

✅ Ability to protect children, guided by the basic principles and standards of humanitarian action.
✅ Ability to coordinate child protection activities during a humanitarian crisis.
✅ Ability to protect children from physical, psychological and sexual violence in accordance with humanitarian standards.
✅ Ability to provide first psychological aid.
✅ Ability to document the process of case management.

Do not miss the opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge and contribute to the protection of the most valuable members of society – children!

Take the course here: https://beprofi.org/training-courses/course/minimaljni-standarti-zahistu-ditei-u-gumanitarnii-diyaljnosti