Project "Development of an online training platform and online courses

and conducting training to develop professional competencies of child welfare workers"


To create opportunities for professional, accessible training for workers in the field of child protection through an online platform and online courses provided on it

Target audience:

Social workers, psychologists, volunteers, foster parents, managers and leaders of state and non-governmental organizations, local government officials, employees of local executive councils


July 01, 2022 –

December 31, 2023

Expected results:

Online training platform is developed

online courses

registered specialists are trained

people found out about the platform through the implementation of an information campaign

BeProfi online platform as the main product of the project

For more than 16 years, we have been training professionals to provide better services to families with children in communities.
On this platform, we have collected all the necessary professional competencies.

We believe and strive to ensure that every specialist can provide quality services to families, and every child has a happy childhood


The BeProfi platform is our solution and tool to achieve this goal

The BeProfi online platform is


a training platform for child protection workers


created to improve the competence of employees and develop the capacity of child protection organizations to ensure the safety, stability and well-being of children in families


a space where a specialist can acquire and develop competencies during online learning and immediately apply them in the workplace


developed on a competency-based approach, in accordance with best practices and research, taking into account the specifics of adult learning​

One platform – dozens of online courses – hundreds of competencies – thousands of competent professionals – millions of happy families with children.

We implement affordable and effective training because…

we assess the training needs

specialists track their learning progress and competence development

specialists determine which competencies they need to develop

managers can see the progress of their employees’ training

What is the training process like on the platform?

registration on the platform

passing a test to determine training needs

passing a test to determine training needs

receiving a list of competencies and recommended courses

choosing a course for training

passing a pre-test and knowledge test before taking the course

taking an online course, completing tasks, planning the implementation of knowledge and skills in practice

tracking progress in learning, which competencies have already been developed

passing a post-test, analyzing changes in the level of knowledge as a result of training

obtaining a certificate

application of what has been learned in professional activity, development of skills

assessment 3 months after the training, how the training helped to work better