International non-governmental organization “International Leadership and Development Center” for more than 14 years now is contributing to the field of protection of children’s rights in Ukraine by developing training programs; preparing and developing trainers, managers, social field specialists and families; organization of international conferences; expanding publication.

Having great experience in implementing the best practices, we feel the strengths and capability to continue our work on a new level to reach the highest standards in the child welfare system



director NGO “International Leadership and Development Center”


International Leadership and Development Center was registered in 2007 in response to a need to implement the best experience in the field of work with children and leadership. Since then, ILDC conducted training on behalf of Department of Adoption and Protection of Children’s Rights and government social services for employees of local children’s rights services and social centers for families, children and youth, as well as employees of non-government organizations еtс.

ILDC was founded by two international and two ukrainian organizations with a goal to provide quality trainings and consultations for managers and child welfare specialists.

We cooperate with the government, non-government and religious organizations to accomplish our mission.

The way of development

our vision

our mision

our goal

directions of work

By the vision, mission and goals of the organization, the priority areas of work for 2021-2026 are:

Creation and development of a training system based on a competency-based approach, best domestic and international practices and research

Development of the capacity of organizations and workers in the social sphere

Development of sustainability and capacity of ILDC to implement the training system

Our values

We are convinced that any activity we carry out should bring changes and be significant and valuable for society. Each of us considers the mission of ILDC essential and contributes to its implementation

We consider it essential to create a safe environment for the child. A competent adult should be next to each child: parents, social and medical workers, teachers, etc. This is embedded in our mission and is our top priority

We are confident in the effectiveness of mechanisms of social influence. The results of the study of the impact of the ILDC showed that the organization’s activities affect people’s lives: changes in the attitude of social workers, changes in the level of provision of social services, the perspective of the authorities to adoptive parents, changes at the legislative level, changes in the lives of families and children

We believe in the importance of human relationships. Staying focused on our purpose and goals, we believe that relationships (within the team and with partners) help in achieving them

We believe every child should live in a family or conditions close to family. The only place where a child’s needs can be met is the family. It plays an essential role in the formation and development of the child’s personality. Also, the family is a sense of security, the basis for the formation of a model of behaviour and interpersonal relations

We share Christian values because love for one’s neighbour, the value of everyone’s life, mercy and patience are the fundamental values ​​of social work

our principles