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Project “Postgraduate qualification training course “Fundamentals of social work with families and children”

This project is a successful step in cooperation between the government and non-government sector in order to increase the professionalism and effectiveness of specialists in the field of сhild welfare

Main goal: Acquisition of  basic knowledge in the field of social work with families and children in difficult life circumstances by participants 

Target audience: Specialists of government and non-government organizations, who work with families and children



Hours of training

Every social worker who works with families and children must improve their knowledge and enhance their professional skills

Design of postgraduate qualification training course was developed by specialists of the School of Social Work of the National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” and team of NGO “International Leadership and Development Center”




several stages, which are divided into training modules. (The first two modules are taught by the NaUKMA School of Social Work; the other two are taught by the ILDC )

the opportunity to apply the knowledge, acquired during training, in practice

consultations with trainers-practitioners, feedback, and professional support

the program takes into account the training needs of each group

The main topics

  • Introduction to social work
  • Ethical principles of social work
  • Theories of social work
  • Methods of social work
  • Social work and social protection
  • Development of social services in the community
  • Prevention of professional burnout
  • Basic principles of work with children and families
  • Child abuse as a main reason for child removal from the family
  • Social work with families where a child or one of the parents has a disability
  • Individual cases of difficult family circumstances affecting a parent’s ability to childcare


The training consists of 4 modules. The duration of each module is 4-5 days (19 days in total).

The exact dates of the training will be announced upon completion of enrollment


The cost of training depends on the number of participants in the group

Recruitment to the training group is ongoing 


The graph shows how the level of knowledge of the participants changed during the training. The results of the “Before” and “After” tests show the level of knowledge before and after each module of the training.

  • 11 of the 17 participants received more than 90 out of 100 points for the final test
  • The average score for the post-test in the group is 89.4 standard points

Training is conducted by


To apply for training – submit an application form 

WE WILL contact YOU ADDITIONALLY if your application is confirmed