beprofi Online training platform

Our mission is to increase the competence of employees and develop the capacity of organizations in the field of child welfare to ensure the safety, stability and well-being of children in families.

During the full-scale invasion of russia in Ukraine, the need for social services has increased. Workers need to be competent and organizations need to be able to help clients, especially families with children. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the capacity of organizations and professionals.

Accessibility to training varies for employees – those who work in large cities have more opportunities to learn than those who live and work in small towns or villages. The BeProfi online training platform is our response to the need for accessible professional training.

All the necessary competencies for effective work are on one platform.

Oleg Shelashskyi

Director of NGO “ILDC”

Who is the platform for?

For social workers, psychologists, volunteers, foster parents, managers and leaders of state and non-governmental organizations, local government officials, and employees of local executive authorities.

Our mission

We improve the competence of employees and develop the capacity of child welfare organizations to ensure the safety, stability and well-being of children in families.


Our vision

One platform – dozens of online courses – hundreds of competencies – thousands of competent professionals – millions of happy families with children.

Why BeProfi?

For more than 16 years, we have been training professionals to provide better services to families with children in communities. We work in a competency-based approach, according to best practices and research, develop a training system, take into account the peculiarities of adult learning – we provide effective training and influence the change in the practice of specialists. The BeProfi online training platform is a space where professionals can acquire and develop competencies through online training and immediately apply them in the workplace.


Free access to online courses

The platform currently offers 5 online courses covering a number of important topics in the field of social work. The online courses will be constantly updated.


Flexibility and accessibility

Learning on the platform allows users to access courses at a convenient time and go through the material at their own pace without leaving their workplace


Diverse course content

Our online courses include video lessons, practical exercises, tests, infographics, handouts, vocabularies, and other additional materials that you can use in your work.


Assessment of training needs

You can take a training needs assessment to determine the competencies you need to develop and the courses you should choose



After completing the online course, you will receive an automatically generated certificate

We implement accessible and effective training because…

we assess training needs

specialists track their training progress and competence development

specialists determine which competencies they need to develop

managers/supervisors can see the progress of their employees’ training

Online courses available on the BeProfi platform

Local Resources Mobilization

This course is designed to provide participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to help them become successful managers and leaders in the field of social services. Upon completion of the course, you will have effective methods of managing internal processes in the community, the organization and its employees, be able to effectively use available resources and develop strategies to address social problems in your community.

Sure Start: working in centers with families with children

Supporting families raising children under the age of 3 (6) is a direct prevention of children being placed in institutional care. This is the goal of the Sure Start program, which has been implemented in Europe for more than 17 years and has proven its effectiveness in supporting families raising young children. The course aims to form and develop the professional competencies of specialists who provide support to children aged 0 to 3 years living in families at risk or families in difficult life circumstances, increase parental capacity, and establish interdisciplinary cooperation between community actors to ensure the best interests of each child.

From risk to sustainability: working with families in crisis

The safety, well-being and stability of the child is of primary importance. Therefore, it is important for professionals working with children and families to be trained to identify families in which children are at risk of harm or injury as a result of the actions or inactions of their parents or guardians. This course builds an understanding of the causes of family crisis, the difference between crisis and difficult life circumstances, and helps to identify opportunities to support families according to their needs.

Trauma, attachment, discipline: key aspects of helping orphans and children deprived of parental care

Anyone who is involved in the life of a child who has not had parental love should understand the traumatic experience of a child and its impact on the child’s development, attachment and behavior. This course is designed to form and develop the professional competencies necessary for child protection specialists, foster parents, church ministers and volunteers to work and interact with orphans and children deprived of parental care.

Safety and well-being of children in the community

The purpose of this course is to increase competence in developing the capacity of communities responsible for the safety and well-being of children and in implementing best practices in working with families and children by developing quality services for families and children through training in the conceptual framework for ensuring the safety and well-being of children in the community by strengthening their primary families, developing family support programs, developing family-based forms of education for children who cannot live in their biological families, introducing practices to prepare children for independent living.

Key questions and answers


The team of NGO “International Leadership and Development Center”. We study and train to ensure that every child has a competent adult next to him or her!

WHO develops online courses?

A team of methodologists, scientists, experts, trainers, and practitioners in the field of child welfare.

What is the cost of online courses?

The online courses are free of charge. The knowledge and skills you will gain are priceless!

How do we care about you?

We take into account your learning style and show the development of your competencies. Technical support is always there to help you.

How long do online courses take?

It all depends on your pace, workload, strength, and resources

What do you need for training?

Any gadget convenient for you, a stable Internet connection, paper, a pen and a glass of water.

How to choose the right online course?

You can take a training needs assessment test, and the platform will select the courses you need

Under what conditions will I receive a certificate?

Pass the pre-test, complete all the training modules, complete the practical tasks, pass the post-test by 80% and get an automatically generated certificate

What is the training process like on the platform?

register on the platform

register on the platform to access online courses

asses your training needs

identify the competencies that need to be developed

choose an online course

check out the courses that the platform recommends to take in the first place

take the pre-test

record the level of knowledge before taking the online course

take an online course

interact with videos, infographics, and texts, complete practical tasks, and take tests to advance to the next module

join the group training

in addition to the online course, you can join the training with a group and trainers

Track your learning progress

see how competencies are formed by yourself or with your supervisor

pass the post-test

record the level of knowledge change after completing an online course

get the certificate

download the automatically generated certificate

Evaluate the impact of training

after three months – evaluate how the training has affected your work

be trained. be capable. be profi!