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  • Oleh Shelashskyi
  • Darya Palatna
  • Oksana Sklyar
  • Dariia Lavrentieva
  • Victoriia Mykolaienko
  • Alena Hohus
  • Nataliia Hrab
  • Olha Voloshina
  • Viacheslav Fedchenkov
  • Olha Baidarova
  • Oleh Shelashskyi

    Oleh Shelashskyi


    I graduated with a master’s degree in a speciality “information systems in management” in Kyiv National Economic University.

    For two years, I was a consultant in a family care project as a parent of a temporary foster family. Adoptive parent since 2009. Work in ILDC since 2007. Always participate in international conferences and other events as a speaker, seminar leader, plenary discussions, etc.(Russia, Belarus, USA, Spain, Thailand).

    Me creed: «Don’t wait for opportunities, create them yourself!»

  • Darya Palatna

    Darya Palatna

    Program Director

    I have a degree in social work, postgraduate student of the Department of Social Rehabilitation and Social Pedagogy of KNU im. Tarasa Shevchenka since 2018. My work experience in the field of protection of children’s rights began in 2009 with a job as a social educator at a child care centre, where i gained a rich work experience with orphaned and traumatized children, families in difficult circumstances, adoptive parents, foster parents and families, etc.

    Today I am not only managing ILDC’s operational activity, but am also using my experience for the development of other teams and organizations of social field. I believe, that only by joining forces we can reach the common goal- happy and safe childhood for every child in Ukraine!

    My creed: «Only the one crazy enough to believe that he can change the world, actually changes it»

  • Oksana Sklyar

    Oksana Sklyar

    Training Director

    I’m a master in social work of Kyiv National Shevchenko University. I also finished Ecofacilitation School and Pedagogical and Trauma School. For over 8 years I’ve been working with children who’ve been through trauma, orphans, children and families who are in difficult circumstances. For 4 years I teached in psychology faculty of Kyiv National Shevchenko University. I train specialists in child rights protection since 2012.

    I am a trainer, support group leader, develop my own training programs.

    With my work in ILDC I plan to implement social changes to increase life quality of children in Ukraine.

    My creed: «To change the world, you need to start from yourself».

  • Dariia Lavrentieva

    Dariia Lavrentieva

    Project manager

    I have a master`s degree in social work of KNU im. Tarasa Shevchenka. For 3 years I had an opportunity to participate in development and organization of grant projects of Erasmus+ with partner youth advocacy organizations.

    I have experience in working with children with hearing disability since 2016. For me working in ILDC is unstoppable development and improvement of my knowledge in the area, interaction with professionals who inspire.

    My creed “Everyone is different and it’s normal. Behind every behavior lies a problem, and we need to remember it in work as in life”.

  • Victoriia Mykolaienko

    Victoriia Mykolaienko

    Head of Training Programs Development Department

    I graduated from OIUoHD “Ukraine” with master`s degree in social work. I work on developing training programs and curriculums since 2012. My plans for my future work in ILDC – in-depth work with specialists and experts in the field of children’s rights protection for maximum efficiency of best practices in their practical activity according to realities of Ukraine.

    My creed: «Everything is in our hands, so we can’t put them down. Changes for the best are possible»

  • Alena Hohus

    Alena Hohus

    Content Manager

    I am a specialist in social work of The National Pedagogical Dragomanov University.

    For almost two years I was a professional social worker in one of Kyiv’s Social Services Centres for Families, Kids and Youth. I have experience in training teens and I was a volunteer in some civil organizations and charity funds. Today I work in ILDC, so that every specialist, parent and Facebook feed reader knows what we are doing and could get knowledge, that can help him be even more competent and professional even without visiting our trainings.

    My creed: “If you think you can do something, you are right. If you think you can’t do something, you are also right.”

  • Nataliia Hrab

    Nataliia Hrab

    Project Implementation Assistant

    Since 2020 I am bachelor of social work and social pedagogy of The National Pedagogical Dragomanov University.

    In ILDC I help develop and improve education programs and implement projects that are important contributions to system of children rights protection. I believe that even a small thing done with love for one child can change the world.

    My creed:
    “The brave ones are always happy”


  • Olha Voloshina

    Olha Voloshina

    Training Manager (intern)

    I have master’s degree in management of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University. I have seven years of experience working in client service, over 100 hours of theory and practice on psychology and communications trainings. I am also a mother of a beautiful boy. And he means a universe for me.

    With my work in ILDC I want to change the future of children of Ukraine for the best. Every child deserves to live in safety and love.

    My creed: «A thousand mile journey starts with one step».

  • Viacheslav Fedchenkov

    Viacheslav Fedchenkov

    Fundraising and Analytics Manager

    Bachelor in social work of Kyiv National Shevchenko University. I have 12 years of experience in working with families, children and youth; provided support for educational development programs and expert activity. In ILDC I want to reach professional development in expert activity and in personal development- in sincerity and initiative.

    My creed: «The only thing I know is that I know nothing»

  • Olha Baidarova

    Olha Baidarova

    Involved R&D Expert

    I graduated from KNU im. Tarasa Shevchenka with master’s degree in social work., psychological studies candidate.

    I work in social work field with children and youth for over 8 years and have 7 years of teaching experience. With ILDC, I want to help as many people, organizations and communities as possible, be able to provide high standards of activity in the field of protection of children’s rights and support their quality of life.

    My creed: «Big changes are possible even for the smallest, if they have wise support»