Our team

  • Oleg Shelashskyi
  • Oksana Mykhaylovska
  • Victoriia Mykolaienko
  • Nataliia Holiakova
  • Anna Drobot
  • Valeriia Kachan
  • Viacheslav Fedchenkov
  • Olha Baidarova
  • Oleg Shelashskyi

    Oleg Shelashskyi


    I graduated with a master’s degree in a speciality “information systems in management” in Kyiv National Economic University.

    For two years, I was a consultant in a family care project as a parent of a temporary foster family. Adoptive parent since 2009. Work in ILDC since 2007. Always participate in international conferences and other events as a speaker, seminar leader, plenary discussions, etc.(USA, Spain, Thailand).

    Life credo: «Don’t wait for opportunities, create them yourself!»

  • Oksana Mykhaylovska

    Oksana Mykhaylovska

    Director of operations

    I’m a master in social work of Kyiv National Shevchenko University. I also finished Ecofacilitation School and Pedagogical and Trauma School. For over 8 years I’ve been working with children who’ve been through trauma, orphans, children and families who are in difficult circumstances. For 4 years I teached in psychology faculty of Kyiv National Shevchenko University. I train specialists in child rights protection since 2012.

    I am a trainer, support group leader, develop my own training programs.

    With my work in ILDC I plan to implement social changes to increase life quality of children in Ukraine.

    Life credo: «To change the world, you need to start from yourself».

  • Victoriia Mykolaienko

    Victoriia Mykolaienko

    Head of Training Programs Development Department

    I graduated from OIUoHD “Ukraine” with master`s degree in social work. I work on developing training programs and curriculums since 2012. My plans for my future work in ILDC – in-depth work with specialists and experts in the field of children’s rights protection for maximum efficiency of best practices in their practical activity according to realities of Ukraine.

    Life credo: «Everything is in our hands, so we can’t put them down. Changes for the best are possible»

  • Nataliia Holiakova

    Nataliia Holiakova

    Project Implementation Assistant

    Since 2020 I am bachelor of social work and social pedagogy of The National Pedagogical Dragomanov University.

    In ILDC I help develop and improve education programs and implement projects that are important contributions to system of children rights protection. I believe that even a small thing done with love for one child can change the world.

    Life credo:
    “The brave ones are always happy”


  • Anna Drobot

    Anna Drobot

    Communication manager

    I graduated from KNU im. Tarasa Shevchenka with bachelor`s degree in social pedagogy
    My achievements:

    – participation in the social project Helpific (social inclusion of people with disabilities on the online platform)

    – experience in organizing training on maintaining a Facebook page for staff of Regional Centers for Social Services and public organizations;

    – conducting dozens of lessons for schoolchildren (grades 1-11),

    – conducting more than 10 interviews (with workers of public organizations, university professors, trainers)

    – maintaining the Facebook page of the ILDC (more than 200 publications,more than 2,000 reposts and 4,000 likes under the posts)

    I am trying to keep a balance between family, graduating master’s degree, and work.

    Life credo: «Each of us has the power to change the world for the better».




    I have master’s degree in Psychology and master’s degree in Mediation and Conflict Resolution
    My achievements:

    – practicing psychologist and social pedagogue

    – trainer-volunteer in psychology support at Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University

    – psychologist at the centre “Dovira” for injecting drug users

    – a member of the public association “National Association of Mediators of Ukraine” since September 2018

    – coordinator of the “Tolerance Club” as a member of the public association “Congress of National Communities of Ukraine”

    – author of the development of educational and remedial classes for practical psychologists and social educators

    – prize winner of the “Best in Profession” regional contest of professional skills of and social pedagogues

    – prize winner of the contest of correctional programs “New Technologies in the New School” with the program “Steps for Understanding’’

    – author of scientific articles, trainer and facilitator

    Life credo: «Constantly learn yourself to pass knowledge in an accessible form to those who find it difficult to understand complex things».

  • Valeriia Kachan

    Valeriia Kachan

    Project assistant

    I am a student in the 3rd course of the specialty of social work at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

    In my professional activity, I have experience working with children for 4 years. I took part in the all-Ukrainian project for the development of skills for successful living for children and young people ”Y1317”. I’ve been interning at the National Children and Youth Council for a year now.

    Life credo: «Don’t find fault, find a remedy; anybody can complain (Henry Ford)»

  • Viacheslav Fedchenkov

    Viacheslav Fedchenkov

    Fundraising and Analytics Manager

    Bachelor in social work of Kyiv National Shevchenko University. I have 12 years of experience in working with families, children and youth; provided support for educational development programs and expert activity. In ILDC I want to reach professional development in expert activity and in personal development- in sincerity and initiative.

    Life credo: «The only thing I know is that I know nothing»

  • Olha Baidarova

    Olha Baidarova

    Involved R&D Expert

    I graduated from KNU im. Tarasa Shevchenka with master’s degree in social work., PHD, psychological studies candidate.

    I work in social work field with children and youth for over 8 years and have 7 years of teaching experience. With ILDC, I want to help as many people, organizations and communities as possible, be able to provide high standards of activity in the field of protection of children’s rights and support their quality of life.

    Life credo: «Big changes are possible even for the smallest, if they have wise support»