• Oleg Shelashskyi
  • Oksana Mykhaylovska
  • Victoriia Mykolaienko
  • Yuliia Olianitska
  • Valeriia Kachan
  • Anastasiia Tsaryk
  • Yuliia Tiutiunnyk
  • Anna Drobot
  • Maria Hadzevych
  • Olha Baidarova
  • Viacheslav Fedchenkov
  • Oleg Shelashskyi

    Oleg Shelashskyi


    I carry out the general management of the organization, search for resources, and communicate with the prominent donors and partners.

    I graduated with a master’s degree in a speciality “information systems in management” in Kyiv National Economic University.

    For two years, I was a consultant in a family care project as a parent of a temporary foster family. Adoptive parent since 2009. Work in ILDC since 2007. Always participate in international conferences and other events as a speaker, seminar leader, plenary discussions, etc.(USA, Spain, Thailand).

    Life credo: “Don’t wait for opportunities, create them yourself!”

    E-mail: oleg@ildcua.org

  • Oksana Mykhaylovska

    Oksana Mykhaylovska

    Director of operations

    I manage processes in the organization and develop the ability of our team to achieve strategic goals.

    I have a master’s degree in social work. I have more than 12 years of experience in the social sphere. For seven years, she worked in the centre for social and psychological rehabilitation of children who experienced violence, their biological parents and adoptive parents.

    I also have teaching experience at the Department of Social Work of KNU Shevchenko. More than ten years of coaching experience and eight years of management experience in the public sector allow me to conduct competency training and facilitation sessions for social workers, trainers, and managers.

    I write scientific articles – you can read some of them here.

    Life credo: “No child should be alone. Each specialist must be competent, and the organization must be able to do what it seeks. Every person deserves good treatment and support. Everyone has the potential for change and development.”

    E-mail: oksana@ildcua.org

  • Victoriia Mykolaienko

    Victoriia Mykolaienko

    Training director

    I manage the organization of training, which includes such processes as preparation and conducting of training, development of content, communication with experts, and monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of training according to the programs.

    I am a master’s student of social work at the State University of Ukraine “Ukraine”. Since 2012, I have been working on the development of training programs and educational materials. In the plans for my further work at the ILDC, I work in-depth with specialists and experts in the field of child protection for the most effective use of the best practices in their practical activities by Ukrainian realities.

    Life credo: “Everything is in our hands, so they cannot be lowered. Changes for the better are possible”

    E-mail: victory@ildcua.org

  • Yuliia Olianitska

    Yuliia Olianitska

    Project Manager

    I manage and support the organization’s project activities.

    I have a master’s degree in social work of Kyiv National Shevchenko University.

    I have about 6 years of work in the social sphere, namely in an organization engaged in improving the quality of life of elderly people in Ukraine. Conducted educational classes for social pedagogues on the topic of “dementia awareness”, organized conferences and trainings. During the war, she studied at the NGO “ILDC” and for 3 months held a support group for women who were forced to go abroad with their children.

    Life credo: “A happy mother – is a happy child!”

    E-mail: project@ildcua.org

  • Valeriia Kachan

    Valeriia Kachan

    Training manager

    I am responsible for and accompany the process of organizing and conducting training and activities: support groups, supervision, and psychological consultations. I communicate with trainers, speakers, facilitators and participants of activities.

    I am currently studying in the 4th year of the social work speciality at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

    In my professional activity, I have experience working with children for four years. She participated in the all-Ukrainian project on developing successful life skills for children and youth “Y1317”. I have been practising at the NGO “National Council of Children and Youth” for more than a year.

    Life credo: “Do not stay on defeats. Look for solutions. Anyone can complain (Henry Ford)”

    E-mail: training@ildcua.org

  • Anastasiia Tsaryk

    Anastasiia Tsaryk

    Training manager

    I am responsible for creating comfortable conditions for all training subjects, organization and technical support. I am also involved in the process of introducing support groups and supervision.

    I study at two universities, namely: Kyiv National Shevchenko University, in the 4th year of my bachelor’s degree in the speciality “social work” and the 3rd year of studies at the Higher School of Linguistics (Czestochowa, Poland) in the speciality “work with the maladapted and prevention of addictions”.

    I have one year of experience in children’s rights protection and psychological counselling of young people.

    Life credo: “It would be best if you were not afraid of responsibility but became active creators of societal changes.”

    E-mail: webinars@ildcua.org



    Methodologist of Training Programs Development Department

    I am engaged in the development and adaptation of educational programs.

    I have a master’s degree in psychology, as well as in mediation and conflict resolution. In parallel with the work of a methodologist in the organization, I work as a psychological and social pedagogue at the school. I am developing as a trainer – I conduct training as a volunteer in the psychological service of the Ternopil State Pedagogical University, named after V. Hnatyuk. She is also a lecturer of teacher training courses at the Ivano-Frankivsk institute of postgraduate education.

    Since September 2018, I have been a member of the NGO “National Association of Mediators of Ukraine” and the coordinator of the “Tolerance Club” from the NGO “Congress of National Communities of Ukraine”. I write scientific articles and develop educational and corrective classes for practical psychologists and social pedagogues.

    Life credo: “Constantly learning to pass on knowledge in an accessible form to those who find it difficult to understand complex things”

    E-mail: metodyst@ildcua.org

  • Yuliia Tiutiunnyk

    Yuliia Tiutiunnyk

    Trainee for the position of assistant methodologist of Training Programs Development Department

    E-mail: methodist2@ildcua.org

  • Anna Drobot

    Anna Drobot

    Communication manager

    I am involved in establishing communications between the organization and our target audience – I am responsible for developing our social networks and website.

    Master of social work. She was a manager in the Helpific social project (social inclusion of people with disabilities on a developed online platform. Conducted dozens of lessons for schoolchildren (grades 1-11). Completed training on maintaining a Facebook page for employees of OCSS and public organizations. Conducted more than 15 interviews ( with employees of public organizations, university teachers, and trainers). Wrote more than 500 publications on the Facebook page of the ILDC (more than 4,000 reposts and 8,000 likes under the posts).

    Life credo: “Communication is the key to change.”

    E-mail: pr-manager@ildcua.org

  • Maria Hadzevych

    Maria Hadzevych

    Trainee for the position of content manager

    E-mail: assistant@ildcua.org

  • Olha Baidarova

    Olha Baidarova

    Involved R&D Expert

    I help ILDC plan and conduct research that allows implementation of the best, scientifically based practices in protecting children’s rights, supporting families and community development.

    I have a master’s degree in social work of Kyiv National Shevchenko University, PhD.

    I have worked in the social work field with children and youth for more than 11 years, and I have more than ten years of teaching. Together with the ILDC, I strive to help as many people, organizations, and communities as possible to ensure high standards of activity in the protection of children’s rights and support of their quality of life.

    Life credo: “Big changes are possible even for the smallest, if there is wise support”

    E-mail: baidarovao@gmail.com

  • Viacheslav Fedchenkov

    Viacheslav Fedchenkov

    Fundraising and Analytics Manager

    From the first day of the war, I went to war to defend Ukraine. I remain a member of the ILDC team but fulfil my role at the front.

    Bachelor in social work of Kyiv National Shevchenko University. I have more than 12 years of experience in working with families, children and youth; provided support for educational development programs and expert activity. In ILDC I want to reach professional development in expert activity and in personal development- in sincerity and initiative.

    Life credo: “The only thing I know is that I know nothing”

    E-mail: fed4ev@gmail.com