Do you work with families with children who have experienced war-related losses?
You are not a psychologist, but you provide services to families with children and you know that they are experiencing war-related losses?
Do you understand the relevance of this topic and feel the need for training?
Do you not know how to talk and provide support to clients who are experiencing losses?
Do you want to be able to provide first aid to children and adults?

Join the online training “Assisting and Supporting Children and Families in Coping with War-Related Losses”!

Many people are currently experiencing various displays and consequences of the war. Families with children are particularly vulnerable and may experience traumatic events and various losses: loss of relatives, home, security, well-being, and a familiar way of life.

The training program “Assisting and Supporting Children and Families in Coping with War-Related Losses” is designed to enhance your professional competencies and combines knowledge and practical skills to assist and support children and families in coping with war-related losses.

Who is this program for?
For social work specialists, social workers, church ministers, volunteers, social service providers, and NGO representatives.

What competencies will you acquire?

  • Ability to distinguish between the basic concepts related to loss and grief, and have approaches to understanding these concepts
  • Ability to support clients experiencing loss, taking into account possible complications of grief
  • Ability to report the death of loved ones and provide first aid
  • Ability to provide psychosocial support to children and families who have suffered war-related losses
  • Ability to use tools to assist with the grieving process associated with loss
  • Ability to provide assistance to children and families whose relatives are missing or in captivity

How to join the training? ‍♀️
We will select participants for the training – the number of places is limited!
To join the training, please fill out the registration form: