Are you a social work professional or work in the field of child welfare? Are you looking for opportunities for professional development, acquisition of new skills and development of competencies?

We have great news for you!

We invite you to the BeProfi online training platform – a space where you can acquire and develop professional competencies online and immediately apply them in the workplace.

Who is the BeProfi platform for?

For social workers, psychologists, volunteers, foster parents, managers and leaders of state and non-governmental organizations, local government officials, and employees of local executive councils.

What are the benefits of training on the BeProfi platform?

  • Flexibility and accessibility
    Training on the platform allows users to access courses at a time convenient for them and complete the material at their own pace without leaving their workplace.
  • Free access
    Online courses on the platform are free of charge. The knowledge and skills you gain are invaluable.
  • Training needs assessment
    You can take a training needs assessment test to determine the competencies you need to develop and the courses you should choose.
  • Certificate
    After completing the online course, you will receive an automatically generated certificate
  • Development of professional competencies
    On the platform, you have the opportunity to acquire basic competencies in working with children and families and improve the quality of service delivery to clients

What online courses are available on the BeProfi platform?

Currently, the platform offers 5 online courses covering a number of important topics in the field of social work:

  1. Local Resource Mobilization
  2. Sure start: working in centers with families with children
  3. From risk to sustainability: working with families in crisis
  4. Trauma, attachment, discipline: key aspects of helping orphans and children deprived of parental care
  5. Safety and well-being of children in the community

How to sign up on the platform?

Follow the link:

If you have any difficulties using the platform or technical problems, please contact