War has a negative impact on each and every Ukrainian, family, country, organization, and professional with no exception.

All of us experience “trauma victim” – we do not have to be involved in active combat to be traumatized psychologically

Emotional exhaustion and burnout, war fatigue can affect the deterioration of relations with others, closedness, loss of effectiveness,

reduced motivation to move on

More and more people need professional psychological help


Your employees work in a stressful situation, and you as a director want to provide them with psychological support and assistance

Your project lacks a psychological support and assistance component

You provide social services to your target audience and understand that they need qualified psychological help and support

We provided 

consultations in general (*for the last 6 months)

supervision of consultants in order to prevent professional burnout


for teams, employees of organizations


specialists working with war affected people

 war affected people

внутрішньо переміщених осіб, біженців

pregnant women, women in labor

Requests with which psychological consultants work

Psychoeducation of the state of acute stress

Normalization of the psycho-emotional state, experiencing emotions and feelings

Actualization of personal resources, self-help techniques

Working with loss and the grieving process

Restoring control, a sense of security, identifying one’s own needs and how to meet them

Difficulties with moving to another country, adapting to new living conditions

Support for the care of a newborn in war conditions

Relationships with a child, husband, loved ones, issues of upbringing in wartime conditions



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