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Organization development services

How can a social organization reach set goals?

ILDC specialists provide consultations on leadership and administration in non-government organization, conduct facilitations* and develop tools for effective teamwork. Consultations may be provided once, or accompany changes in organization throughout certain period of time. Subjects of services may be general organization management issues, like:

building organizational structure,

assessment of workers’ educational needs,

Or specific work field, like:

adaptation and development of training programs,

training organization,

PR and advocacy,

creation of social projects,

monitoring and assessment,

analysis of individual law issues in social field,

fundraising, establishment of partnerships and networks etc.

*Event facilitation a form of conducting group work, in which a leader leads the group to reaching assigned goals in a non-directive way.

This service may be helpful, when the team is professional and motivated enough to solve organization development tasks but needs an unattached mediator that would make their discussion more effective. Tasks, in which facilitation may be practical: strategic and operational activity planning, finding common ground in conflicting situations, implementing innovation, etc.