You work with internally displaced families with children from 0 to 3-6 years and want to have effective methods and tools, which help them to adapt to new living conditions, and overcome the crisis? This course is for you!

*this refers to working with families with children under the age of 6 when there is no preschool in the community

This course is suitable for:

host organization  for internally displaced persons

social service providers for families with children

employees of daycare centers or shelters for families with children

those who plan and organize social services in the community


The course includes:

 weeks of training

Handouts, infographics, and document templates that you can find under the video, download, print, and use in your work


Practical tasks that will help you develop skills and consolidate knowledge

video lessons

Test that you can take at the end of each module and determine your level of knowledge

Course speakers